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Why choose to book an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is possibly the fastest way to complete the required lessons to reach test standard and drive away with a full licence within just a few(one) weeks…. Intensive Courses4U Ltd will book your theory & practical tests and recommend an approved driving instructor registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. (DVSA)….   The course will be tailored to your driving experience and taught on a one to one basis in a dual controlled car. The lessons will be around your local area with frequent visits to the test routes that you may encounter on your driving test…. Intensive driving courses enable you to keep practicing newly learnt skills to help perfect your driving ability and achieve the confidence to drive independently within a short time, unlike weekly lessons.  The Intensive Courses4U Team members have over 25 years of experience in helping and advising candidates to choose the right course to suit their driving ability and recommending professional driving instructors that are dedicated in teaching to a high standard for courses geared towards a 1st time pass. Call one of the team to discuss your course in more detail. Tel: 0330 058 0112 Mobile: 0759 250 1888 Email: info@intensive-courses4U.co.uk